Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fine Living in New England

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Wines served in the proper glassware at the Meritage in Boston, MA

Enjoy the 1,000+ Wines Served in Proper Glassware at Meritage

At Meritage at the Boston Harbor Hotel, wine enthusiasts are ensured that a good glass of wine is not limited to the pour. Meritage introduces an array of Spiegelau glassware, a complete set, for the best possible wine experience. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, German glassmaker Spiegelau crafts well balanced, durable stemware tailored to enhance the specific characteristics of each type of wine. Complimenting the vast stores of wine offered at Meritage, these customized designs allow the drinker to truly appreciate the nuanced differences among more complex wines. Meritage provides guests with the following glass types:

Champagne – The design and function of this sleek and narrow flute-shaped bowl highlights the delicate aromas and subtle flavors of champagne and captures the pearl-like bubbles, revealing their delicate notes as they explode on the wine’s surface.

Small white wine – Designed for fresh and light wines such as a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Large white wine/white Burgundy – Contoured for more robust white wines, this glass features a slightly wider bowl.

Burgundy – The generous pear-shaped bowl allows the more mature, high quality, low-tannin aromatic wines to breathe openly.

Bordeaux – The elegant full-sized bowl reveals the rich aromas of a full, highly tannic red wine and permits the drinker to fully capture its essence.

Port/Sherry – Intended to display the intense aromas of these fortified wines, which typically possess a higher alcohol content.

Sauternes/dessert – Wider bowl shaped to display the multifaceted aromas of these intensely sweet whites.

For more information, or to make a reservation call (617) 439-3995.
About Meritage:

Meritage, at the Boston Harbor Hotel, features fresh, seasonal cuisine impeccably matched to the primary characteristics of wine. As part of Meritage’s unique concept, large and small plates are offered for each item on the menu and matched with complementary wine flavors. The restaurant is the culmination of Chef Daniel Bruce’s 18 years as Chef for the Boston Wine Festival. Meritage, a Mobil Four-Star restaurant and recipient of the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, features one of New England’s most extensive and distinctive wine collections. For more information, visit the Meritage website at or call 617.439.3995.

G'Vine Gin is D'Vine!

Gin and Bear it… There’s a new kid in town!

I was introduced recently to G’Vine, the only white spirit distilled from a grape spirit, starring the vine flower and boasts a soft and delicate floral bouquet. Unlike the other heavier scented gin that sits on my private bar, this newcomer to my collection has a smooth and satisfying combination of nine botanicals which have been chosen for their purity and aromatic properties. The tantelizing blend of ginger root, liquorice, green cardamom, cassia bark, coriander, juniper berries, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime, make it a unique and light gin that can be enjoyed on its own or in a mixed drink. After opening the beautifully packaged gin in its’ clear and citrus green colored bottle, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of a strong alcohol aroma. The essence of lime was the primary scent, followed by a licorice flavor on the tip of my tongue. I was able to sip my G’Vine Gin without any other added ingredients, which made this taste test a pleasure.

Rarely drunk on its own, gin is a relatively dry spirit making it a great base for a simple drink such as gin and tonic, as well as the more exotic drinks with multiple additives such as a Pink Lady. The G’Vine infusion, which has been created by EuroWineGate, is unique to the gin family. The rare green grape flower, which lasts just two weeks after blossoming in June, is handpicked and carefully macerated into the Ugni Blanc grape spirit grown in the region of Cognac. In a second step, the neutral grape spirit which is must smoother and more suave than the traditional grain spirit, is then distilled in small batches. After which the rare combination of botanicals listed above is added. “We have combined the best of fine French craftsmanship with innovative distillation techniques to create G’Vine” said Jean-Sebastien Robiquet, founder and master distiller of EuroWineGate. “Gin is the original flavored vodka and G’Vine, with its combination of pure grape neutral spirit, whole-fruit botanicals, and infusion of vine flowers reflects the same value offerings driving the vodka segment today.” How can you not have a wonderful product to offer when you have a partner like Bruno Roux de Reilhac, as well as an elite team of people coming from the wine & spirits, perfumes & cosmetics, and food engineering industry?

If you are on a quest for a gin that is different from the rest, give G’Vine a try. Currently, the initial distribution will be in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York City, Washington, DC, as well as Upstate New York. Once these lucky states receive G”Vine, there will be an aggressive expansion into the rest of the United States. With a suggested retail price of $38, G’Vine will be the rave at your next social event or during your own private tasting experience.