Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Blue Lagoon in a Bottle!

Finally, a cocktail that I was able to serve without any additional work. I received the 100ml four pack tote that was all set to go! All I had to do was take martini glasses out of my cabinet... add some crushed ice... and pour my first selection into the glass. The hardest part of this tasting experience was deciding which flavor to try first. Hmmm.... would it be the Cosmopolitan, the Blue Lagoon, the Appletini, or the Lemon Drop? With such a dilemma, I decided to go with the scientific approach. I followed the color spectrum of the rainbow. Thinking back to elementary school I remembered my rainbow reminder... (ROY G BIV) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. So our tasting went from the Cosmopolitan to the Lemon Drop, then the Appletini, to the Blue Lagoon. I thought for sure the Cosmopolitan was going to be my favorite, but the Blue Lagoon was awesome!

The four pack comes in a cute plastic carrying case with a ribbon and charm. Inside, the four bottles are neatly tucked into their own compartment, with matching straws placed in the center. If you don't have martini glasses and you still want a unique way to serve your cocktail, you can place the bottles in your freezer (just long enough to chill) and serve right out of the bottle with the color coordinated straws. This would be a great little surprise to pull out of your cooler at a party.

Cocktails by Jenn, a premium cocktail couturier, produces ready-to-drink, naturally flavored vodka martinis in both signature and limited edition flavors. The 100ml 4 pack (single flavor and variety pack) has a suggested retail price of $14.99 and the 750ml bottles sell for about $19.99. That's a bargain for me since I pay $7 - $9 for one martini.

Currently, you can find Cocktails By Jenn, in 43 states. and on the Internet at

Previously written in June 2007

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