Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Perfect!

With a name like Perfect Kiss, how can you not try it! Visions of soft lips and sexy nights are encapsulated in this one perfume.

Scents of blooming jasmine, honeysuckle, rosewood, followed by base notes of creamy vanilla and dark chocolate. Ladies, need I say more!

This line also includes fragrances called Perfect Veil, Perfect Gardenia, Perfect Nectar, Perfect Vanilla, and Perfect Bliss. I had the pleasure of trying the fragrances below.

Perfect Veil creates a soft smell against the skin. The scent almost has a soft powder fragrance. Very feminine, fresh, and clean. The top notes of lemon and bergamot are softened by a variety of musks, including Egyptian and Tunisian followed by notes of sandalwood and creamy vanilla.

Perfect Vanilla swept me away to a relaxed state of mind yet made me feel very sexy. With a collection of five different vanillas from around the world and hints of amber and blood orange keep it from being to sweet.

Perfect Bliss was inspired by a honeymoon on Tahiti. With tropical fruits, white gardenia, and vanilla it certainly does whisk my thoughts to my own tropical vacations.

Perfect Nectar is somewhat similar is style to Perfect Bliss, but instead of vanilla, a hint of oceanic musk has been added, creating an incredible juxtaposition of ocean and juicy fruit..

Beauty Comes From Within

In 2006, Sarah Horowitz-Thran was asked to develop a line a perfumes exclusively for Barney's and she called the line "What Comes From Within". With five fragrances to choose from, women can choose to wear the scent alone, or layer them to create their own personal creation.

Love Comes From Within was a hit with me as soon as I put it on. I love the scent of clove, and this fragrance has it, as well as...spicy carnation and rose (all scents I plant in my personal flower garden). There are warmer base notes of Tunisian amber, French vanilla, clean musk and Indian sandalwood. Simply stunning!

Joy Comes From Within prompts feelings of energy and life. Spicy nutmeg and hints of almond create the top note followed orange blossom then a base of creamy vanilla, tonka bean and musk.

Light Comes From Within is a crisp and floral scented perfume. With bergamot (another favorite of mine), freesia, honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine as the top and middle notes, you can't go wrong, but add fresh oceanic musk and sandalwood to the mix, and you have a deliciously sexy fragrance.

Peace From Within is a scent that can be worn by a mature woman as well as a teenager. It is has a clean and gentle quality to it. With a top note of bergamot (which is renowned for its ability to inspire mental clarity) is followed by a base note of fresh oceanic musk and sandlewood.

Beauty Comes From Within is my favorite choice of this particular line. At least it is today. I love to change fragrances with my moods and occasions. This is strong and sexy, but not overwhelming. Top notes of red plums and fresh cut grass capture vitality and sensuality. The middle notes of gardenia and pink peony add that little touch of femininity while the citrus rock rose gives a little zing. The base notes of watery musk, sandalwood, white amber, and hints of cedar convey a bit of mystery.

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